Texture, Agnar Averrisson

Texture Olivetolive

OLIVETOLIVE aterriza en Londres, en el Restaurante Texture. El Chef islandés Agnar Sverrisson  (* Michelin) introduce de esta manera el Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra en su restaurante y apuesta por este producto que va ganando protagonismo en estos países.


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Texture Restaurant: One of London’s Best Michelins (Noticia en Inglés)

…”We’re also given warm bread which is served with two different varieties of olive oil – one from Northern, and one from Southern, Spain. The olive oil is a showstopper. I’ve never tasted anything like it and didn’t even realise that olive oil got that good; it simply melts in the mouth and leaves a lovely cut grass aroma on the throat once it’s swallowed. I’m tempted to just ask for more bread and eat that all throughout the afternoon.” Alexander Ozga