Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

OLIVETOLIVE, is a world wide patented system for the preservation of olive oil and its organoleptic characteristics. The worst enemies of olive oil are oxygen, light and inappropriate temperature.

Every time we open a bottle of oil or we keep it exposed to high or low temperatures or light, the organoleptic and nutritional properties begin to deteriorate.

Through this system, unique in the world, you are able to protect EVOOs, retaining all their properties and benefits until they are enjoyed.

The OLIVETOLIVE system’s innovative dispenser for the storage and preservation of EVOO, correctly preserves and protects EVOOS from light and oxygen, and by maintaining them at a constant temperature of 17 ° C.

Together this avoids EVOOs losing their properties and benefits over time.

The machine consists of:

– Three borosilicate glass deposits of 5 litres each;

-Three surgical quality stainless steel dispensing taps to avoid leakage;

– A nitrogen gas circuit and nitrogen bottle; and

– A cooling and heating installation with a thermostat for temperature control.