To ensure the quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs), OLIVETOLIVE also is responsible for selecting the EVOO that will be dispensed through the OLIVETOLIVE system. Each EVOO included is evaluated from the tree until it reaches the final consumer. By imposing a strict quality protocol the excellence of the selected EVOOs is guaranteed.

These EVOOs not only have to comply with the OLIVETOLIVE Quality Protocol but also must annually demonstrate excellence; after each harvest a panel of experts appraises the new oil.

Brigida Jimenez, International expert in EVOO tasting, is the person responsible for certifying each year the quality of Spanish EVOOs participating in the project, ensuring that each selected EVOO is excellent and is also kept in perfect conditions.

OLIVETOLIVE already has the support and participation of many prestigious

Spanish brands of EVOOs comprising different sensory profiles, including the most representative Spanish varieties, Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca and Picudo.

These come from various different regions producing premium EVOOs. We are always evaluating these EVOOs and certify each chosen EVOO every year.In this manner OLIVETOLIVE is able to o er a large palette of aromas and flavours with which to pair EVOOs to different dishes.

OLIVETOLIVE Extra Virgin Olive Oils selection: 


This is a low acidity aromatic olive oil. It has a delicate, slightly sweet and fruity taste with a hint of fresh herbs. It is ideal for dressing all types of salads (two tablespoons per person), and for grilled or steamed white meat and fish

This oil is extracted mainly from organic arbequina olives, with no additives or preservatives. This is an organic product certified as such by the CERES according to the standards of USDA-ORGANIC y JAS which guarantee that there are no traces of pesticides or any other harmful substances. Organic farming doesn’t allow the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, plant growth regulators, or genetically modified organisms.


Oro Bailen Family Reserve has an intense and complex green fruit, where clear aromas of tomato (characteristic aroma of the picual variety), apple, newly cut grass, green banana, green almond… may all be appreciated and there is no doubt that this oil is marked by its bitter- spicy balance, leaving a feeling of freshness in the mouth.

We fundamentally recommend the Family Reserve to be used raw, either applied onto cold, warm or hot food, such as for example: salads, bread and oil, carpaccios, vegetables, steamed, grilled, baked or roast fish or meat, but obviously afterwards to ensure that all the raw oil’s phenolic compounds (causing the aroma) to arise in contact with the hot food and allow us to enjoy the oil as another piece of food forming the dish.

To understand a little about the effort used to obtain a litre of Family Reserve Oro Bailen, between 8 and 10 kg of olives are needed, in percentage terms; with yields of between 10% and 12% in oil, depending on each year’s harvest.

masia el altetMASIA EL ALTET (COUPAGE)

The “COUPAGE” or BLEND, consists of 30% Changlot  Real (native), 30% Picual and 40% Genovesa and Blanqueta. A complex, fruity extra virgin olive oil that has great personality and is persistent in the mouth.

On the nose, freshly cut grass, artichoke (both stem and leaf), green banana, apple and hints of citric, fig tree, herbs (thyme, rosemary…), endive and curly endive, rocket, tomato plant and tomato, green walnut and others of a secondary, spontaneous sensation.

In the mouth, semi-sweet as it enters the mouth, with slightly less density than the “HIGH QUALITY”; endive, freshly cut alfalfa, freshly cut grass, spring wheat and barley, later, complex nuances appear, of tomato-tomato plant, green fruit, herbs, green banana, with a slightly spicy final aftertaste that demonstrates the quality of its polyphenols.

logo castillo de canena


Intense fruitness of green olives and great complexity with herbal and fruity touches. First place you find green apple, green banana and almonds. In second place you find citric touches that remind you of lemon tree leave and green ear. In mouth it is very delicate and complex with the same olfactory perceptions. Very light bitterness and moderate, delicate and late pungency. Great harmony, medium structure, almond aftertaste and great persistence.

Early Royal has been voted as “THE BEST FRUITY THE WORLD”, by the prestigious international guide FLOS OLEI to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Marco Oreggia, gastronomic critic and author of this guide, has awarded our Early Royal with the maximum score ( 98 points over 98). Since it was launched, this AOVE has won many national and international awards.